Seeing you again last night was a lot for me. Idk it was nice up until we got back to your house. I honestly think it was the drugs talking for you, asking me how I was, bringing up old things we used to do, telling me things like “come back.” They were nice but I know you probably didn’t mean them.

Then I felt really used again. I went back to your place only for you asking for head then when I was finished telling me to leave. You didn’t even kiss me. That’s all I wanted was a kiss from you that whole night. I just wanted to feel you again and for you to hold me but you probably knew that it wasn’t best for the both of us.

I cried on the drive home, the weed didn’t help either, tbh I don’t even know how I got home last night. I really didn’t want to make it home though. I felt like shit, I felt stupid, it was just the worst feeling knowing that you know I would give in and do stuff with you. But then again, I wanted to do that stuff, I just wanted you again.

I don’t know what to do, whether I should talk to you or not. I feel like even if I tried to talk to you, you wouldn’t make an effort to try and reply back.

I’m just so confused and hurt.
I miss you so much.


Kathryn tied (shibari by Bunny Lee)




Ren Hang




Embrace the beautiful TWA’s


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